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Habit Change. Growth Mindset. Nourished Spirit.

“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.” – Greg Anderson

Michael Arloski, the godfather of health and wellness coaching, defines wellness coaching as: "when practiced by a well-trained individual, is a behavior change methodology. It’s not just a grab-bag of interpersonal skills and suggestions for how to be healthy and well. It’s not just a technique for better communication. It is a way of working with a person, as an ally, to help them:

1) take stock of their wellness,

2) envision themselves living their optimal lifestyle,

3) create a real plan to find their way successfully through change,

4) track their progress so they know when and how they are being successful, and

5) get the accountability and support they need to follow through and make the changes last.

It is a behavioral solution for a behavioral problem."

"Certified Health and Wellness Coaches are professionals from diverse backgrounds and education who work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness. Successful coaching takes place when coaches apply clearly defined knowledge and skills so that clients mobilize internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change." - Michael Arloski

I partner with integrative doctors who see the value in my 3-legged stool approach.  The doctor is the expert in working with the patients clinical and biological needs (two legs of the stool). When they determine a treatment plan includes lifestyle changes including weight loss, stress reduction and better labs, patients might look at their doctor like a deer in the headlights.  "Great, I have to lose weight or improve my labs. I've tried every diet under the sun and I'm still in the same predicament! What am I supposed to do?" And 6 months later, nothing has changed for this patient.  This is where I come in, the third leg of the stool, helping to manage the behaviors.  Lifestyle change can feel near impossible, when done alone and looking only at the short term. With an ally, changes can take place much sooner and become engrained in who we are - for the better. 

And I work with busy, professional women who struggle with fatigue, unhealthy stress and  gut issues who want to feel energize and amazing in their body while not taking a lot of time or effort.

I believe a nourished body begins with nourishing the mind and spirit.

When we work together, I'll help you discover how to increase your energy, heal gut issues and live a vibrant life using your own inner wisdom. We do this through discerning your values and what motivates you toward lasting change through simple and practical habit shifts, developing awareness and upgrading your mindset. 

I offer several programs that can help you make the changes in your life that you desire.  


About Cassidy Wellness Coaching

Habit Change. Growth Mindset. Nourished Spirit.

"The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact." - Socrates

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do.

We often know what to do in order to be healthy (ie. stop smoking, lose 50 pounds, lower your LDL) but the decision to start is the single most challenging step in the behavior change paradigm. To eat "healthy" because it's supposed to help you lose weight and be anti-inflammatory; to cut out dairy because it helps eliminate chronic sinusitis; to lift weights because it's good for your bones; to train for that triathlon because you want to meet "healthy" people; to show up at the meditation hall because you heard it helps with stress and anxiety. These are some of the first steps I recall making over the past two and a half decades. Maintaining behavior change is the second hardest. It can be done and feels amazing once it is accomplished.

I know because I am you.  

I've navigated a lot of life's events where food, movement, mindfulness and community has proven to heal. 

I've navigated easing seasonal and food allergies, healed chronic sinusitis and chronic candidiasis, learned to better manage anxiety & depression, healed chronic gut issues and worked through brain fog and adrenal fatigue. I've also managed divorce, single parenthood, dealing with my own anxiety and depression along with my son's, working full time often with a side hustle, financial stress, bad jobs and bad bosses, being a dog-mom, dating and entering into a life partnership after 14 years single.

My own healing came as I discovered food as medicine, Vipassana meditation, a variety of ways to move my body and a sense of community in like minded people.  

Life happens! There will always be highs and lows but it's all in how we respond to life that determines how much, and how long we suffer.  

My sun sign is Cancer in the year of the metal dog, ENFP on the Myers Briggs, Enneagram Type 7,  BANK code N.A.K.B.


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“Wow! Our coaching has really shifted things. This new job is just what I wanted and needed. And not sure I would have been open to it without our talks. U R amazing!!!!” -M.K.

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